sparkles make moi happy

love notes
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you may recall my excitement over finding a box full of sparkles in the studio basement. voila, here is a photo of the chandelier with sparkles attached! yay for dangling, shiny things and contractors who feel emasculated putting them on. poor guy said he had to dig real deep to find his princess side. i think that’s important for men to do on a regular basis. glad i could contribute!

wishing everyone a thanksgiving full of sparkles. have a fire. burn a peppermint candle. eat loads of pumpkin pie with whipped cream (of course!). indulge. start the day with some yummy yoga (2 charity classes tomorrow at tranquil space). bake cookies. simmer apple cider. take a nap. celebrate family and friends. note all you have to be grateful for. make a donation to a favorite charity – even if only $5. nap again. sip mint tea to soothe a full belly. end the day with restorative yoga. sleep like a bebe.