5 tips to crafting your fall schedule

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in an effort to carve out a more balanced schedule that allows room to breathe, space between appointments, ample time for my varied passions, and a tranquil flow, i crafted the above schedule for september – december. although it is only day 3 of the new schedule, it’s working well thus far and feeling so much more spacious. time will tell. i already see a couple needed tweaks, but i’m feeling good about the fresh canvas. i’ll post my updated schedule once i try this one out over the next few weeks. the new one will be a full-fledged artist date with ephemera, glitter glue, and all!

here are a few tips for creating your own fall schedule:

1. print spreadsheet from my168hours
2. gather markers, planner pad, and open space
3. pen in your non-negotiables such as sleep, office hours, classes, weekly appointments
4. fill in your ideal bedtime, movement (yoga, gym, dance, etc.), and social schedule
5. review to ensure it feels fluid. if not, see if there are changes you can make or puzzle pieces you can move around. does it feel balanced? is it all work and no play or all play and no work?

bonus: are your daily activities moving you in the direction of your dreams? if not, it’s time for a change!

voilà, an opportunity to start anew, revamp, and prepare for tackling your dreams one by one! send moi photos of your schedule or share in the comments section how this process is unfolding for you.

bisous. x