bonjour from montreal!

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my apologies for the delay, dearests! wednesday was filled with meetings, a nap (got that achy body, feverish thing that seems to be going around), and get out of town prep . . . i SO meant to do a happy halloween post! happy belated halloween!!

yesterday was a hoot. i love road trips. i bring a cozy blanket, pillow, books, laptop, cell phone, and crawl into the back seat with louis. it’s like a traveling office! beau loves to drive, i love to ride. since it gets dark so early now, we stopped at tar-jay and i bought a book light. nothing was gonna stop my reading time. i’m a girl on a mission with all these freakin’ books. beau asked me last week, when i found my 7th book to purchase on sunday, “why don’t you wait 6 months and buy it later? that way you can finish what you have.” gasp! how could he ask such a logical question. “but, it may not be on the shelves anymore and i somehow feel better having them in my house – like i’m learning through osmosis,” i confidently replied. the conversation stopped there and i took the book up to the counter to purchase.

i took two yummy naps during yesterday’s 13-hour journey, ate mango slices, sun chips, cashews, gummy bears, a hot fudge sundae, and a veggie burger from burger king. life on the road. my body was dying for something fresh!

today we woke up late, just in time to grab some bran flakes, a croissant with raspberry jam, and (unfortunate) frozen fruit. when i asked for soy milk, i got a look of horror. so i sunk down into my chair and gingerly ate my bran flakes. this was after i’d poured orange juice all over the counter. i was still half asleep, talking to beau about something, and looking at him rather than my cup. mindfulness in the morning was clearly not my strong point today. i think the hotel waiter was over my antics.

back to the room, called my dear jiva friend jenn (who owns centre luna yoga where i’m teaching this weekend), heard she was doing a noon class so i dashed over to get my yoga on. yum, felt 100% more alive after that perfect class. we dined on yummy sandwiches nearby with beau and enjoyed a leisurely friday afternoon together sipping tea. what an absolute treat.

so far the journey up north has been lovely. feels good to connect with someone i adore (my jiva teacher training pal), spend time in a chic city, get some unstructured time, and teach to a new community. i’m honored.

one more fun thing. i’m exploring taking a creativity coach training. i LOVE learning, have been looking at the program for a few years, and teaching creativity for 7 years. i think this program could be very beneficial on multiple levels, especially personally. one of the bits i was reading yesterday called for unstructured time. it was an “a ha” moment. of course, i know it is important but i love reading from a professional creativity teacher that it is a must in order to stay creative. it’s like being given a green light to relax, just be, and refill the well. hope you can carve out some of that creative, unstructured time this weekend. i hope to do lots of it in between teaching! namaste.

p.s. i took a buddhist class on monday night that i’ve been meaning to post about. stay tuned – envision getting lost, arriving 20 minutes late, cell phone vibrating during the meditation, and dying to learn about the topic – the power of intention. my life thus far as a buddhist-seeker.