Coming to Costa Rica?

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Picture yourself escaping the chill of February over President’s Day weekend to soak up the Costa Rica sunshine.

Since 2002 I’ve been hosting annual retreats at Pura Vida Spa— private mountainside estate enveloped in lush flora surrounded by coffee plantations.

We wake up early with the chirping birds, nosh on local food, practice yoga and mindfulness, and nosh on more food. Then we take a few hours to rest, read, swim in the pool, or get a spa treatment, and do more yoga followed by a creativity session involving paint, collage, and a sketchbook. Oh, and eat again.

Most of us make our way to bed shortly after the sun goes down or enjoy a soak in the hot tub under the stars. Rinse and repeat.

Here’s what Courtney from North Carolina has to say about her annual retreat experience:

This retreat is magical. It is the perfect blend of movement, creativity and utter relaxation. Kimberly’s yoga practice combines asana and breath work in ways that have left me relaxed and energized at the same time. Even better, the creativity sessions have helped  unlock my right side brain (which has been used very little during my legal career), opening up a whole new world to me and giving me the courage to explore my artistic side on my own. In short, the changes that I’ve experienced on my retreats with Kimberly have led to life-altering adjustments in my career and family relationships. In addition, Pure Vida is a beautiful resort with caring staff and experienced practitioners who offer a wide range of body work options. But maybe my favorite retreat activity has been resting in a hammock between classes and treatments, listening to the birds and catching up on the latest bestseller, with a smoothie or a glass of white wine.

And Hilary from Washington, DC:

You can find many yoga retreats to Costa Rica, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as special as Kimberly’s.  I have been three years in a row and would go again in a heartbeat. As the name suggests, this retreat is a unique blend of yoga, mindfulness, and creativity. It’s a perfect retreat to go to on your own. Kimberly creates a warm, friendly, and inviting space and then let’s you take what you need and leave the rest. It’s an ideal combination of group time, personal time, and do-whatever-you-feel-like time at a beautiful eco-chic resort with yummy food, a welcoming staff, and heavenly pool. It’s a mix of lovely ingredients that make for a magical week. And the secret sauce is Kimberly, herself. She puts an incredible amount of thought into every aspect of the program—from the extra suitcase of art journaling supplies she brings, to the essential oils she dots on your wrist during savasana, and the goodie bags she creates for each yogi.  Treat yourself to the experience, and you won’t be disappointed.

Both of these lovely ladies have joined us the past few years and are an absolute joy to host! Per usual, we have an intimate, magical group signed up for February and fellow psychotherapist and Tranquil Space-trained yoga teacher Kristin Heinz will be teaching the afternoon yoga sessions.

Tomorrow marks the end of the Costa Rica $150 off early bird rate and I’m not sure if I’ll be hosting this retreat the following year.

So if you’d like to spend time nurturing your yoga, mindfulness, and creativity practices, reflecting on what’s meaningful, drinking Costa Rican coffee, reading in a hammock, going on optional excursions, and nourishing your soul, now’s the time!

If you have any questions about it, reach out and I’ll be happy to answer them. Bisous. x