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as i work in the showroom on an uber-sunny, gorgeous spring day, i can’t help but still be delighted to have the opportunity to create inside my “design lab.” i’m assessing designs, clarifying the seven staples of the line for building a wardrobe with only a few pieces, and handling customer service inquiries.

i am constantly drawn to creative ideas, offerings, images, possibilities. browsing at a bookstore. perusing accessory aisles of boutiques. smelling jasmine tea. choosing new linens. don’t you find that colors, textures, baubles, images, words, sounds, smells have the ability to inspire? i’m wondering where YOU find inspiration: blogs, books, tv shows, stores, yoga poses, magazines.

as i work on designing today, i’m pondering how best to find *new* inspirations on a regular basis. was recently exposed to this fun event SARK is doing that sounds delightful. am loving listening to carla bruni (thanks, melissa!). think this girl is genius. loving twitter updates. just a few new inspirations i’ve come across.

please share where YOU gain inspiration. i know you have some fun gems to share, too.

back to designing and then late-night yoga this evening. wishing you a delightfully inspired weekend!