hOMe from india

love notes
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freshly off the plane and happy to be back to the comforts of hOMe. india was amazing and i’ll need a few days to recover from *ALL* the stimuli plus process the experience. podcast and vidcasts forthcOMing. promise!

highlight 1: getting invited to second private sit with swami parmarth niketan. he opens the sit up for questions and i followed up on his comment from the previous sit about “being yoga vs doing yoga” and asked how along with how best to take india back with us as we were leaving the next day. i recorded the profound response and look forward to sharing!

highlight 2: falling in love with street dogs (top one in particular) and dropping dog food + fiber-filled cookies in front of them during my last 2 days. helped me feel empowered to alleviate a touch of suffering.

many more highlights to cOMe. BIG merci for all your kind comments on my facebook album and via the blog. it means the world.

tranquility project e-course starts wednesday. nurture your mind, body, and soul this holiday season with like-minded ladies. i received this testimonial while in india and had to share: “I am writing to tell you I am TOTALLY RE~INSPIRED.  I have created more in the last few weeks, than I have in years.  I recently moved back home to a small town and it’s been difficult to find like minds.  It was wonderful to be able to interact with you and the other ladies.  I signed up for the course as a 40th (yikes!) birthday present to myself and it was the best thing I’ve done in a LONG time.”

thank you for joining moi on the tranquility journey on the mat, off the mat, online, and in everyday. namaste.

p.s. so happy to be hOMe! xx