Meet the Coterie

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I’m delighted to inform you that doors have opened for my yearlong signature virtual program, The Coterie. Confetti toss!

I’d love to invite you to apply to join us for exclusive access to over 30 (yes 30!) live offerings, a private community, seasonal retreats, monthly masterclasses, a mental health micro-course, a DC tea party, weekly lessons with tangible practices, and many more overflowing perks (see them all here).

I know life can often feel like a series of to-dos to check off. It can be different. 

The Coterie is an immersive program designed to help you study, practice, and live tranquility within a like-hearted community throughout 2023. It’s also an incubator to make time for and manifest your creative dreams.

This isn’t something else to add to your to-do list, but rather an opportunity to join a feminine community focused on living an authentic life that’s full of meaning and beauty.

We kick off our year with a Welcome Soirée on New Year’s Eve and would love to have you with us! We’re over half-way full and applications close shortly. Apply today. You’ll gain structure and support to flourish in 2023.

The Coterie is for seekers, dreamers, lifelong learners, and meaning makers in search of a safe space to connect, and grow into the most authentic version of themselves at this stage in their lives.

If you have any questions about the program, please reach out. I’d love to welcome you into the mix! x