signature style wednesdays: unlocking creativity with glossy inspiration

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every moment of your life is infinitely creative
and the universe is endlessly bountiful.
just put forth a clear enough request,
and everything your heart desires must come to you.
(mahatma gandhi)

hello gorgeous tranquilistas!

i hope you’re having a fabulous wednesday. in case we haven’t met, please take a moment to check out my most recent musings on pampering with style. this week’s topic is unlocking creativity with glossy inspiration.

what inspires you?
the world holds so many wonders, bits of sparkle and splashes of color. there’s an unlimited number of places to find inspiration—nature, books, music and blogs are just the beginning.

do bubble baths release your creativity? does your writing flow better in silence or with jazz music playing in the background? are you motivated by the energy of others or do you prefer to paint in solitude?

get your glossy on.
a few of my favorite ways to unleash my creativity are writing in my journal, talking with my best friend and indulging in new glossy magazines.

my “go to” mags are real simple, oprah, yoga journal and women’s health. glamour, allure and vogue are also fun for fashion inspiration. elle decor and dwell are great for decorating ideas.

cut, paste, create!
i coax my creativity out to play by cutting inspirational articles, quotes and images out of my favorite magazines. after selecting bits that speak to me, i pull out my art supplies and give myself space to create a collage.

there’s a variety of ways to find inspiration for your signature style—cutting out pieces of magazines is just one. how do you ignite your creative spark?

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