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going away and wondering how to pack for yoga, lounging, hitting the town, cupcake eating, and shopping? delighted to share that pulling my wardrobe together for teaching at kripalu and gallivanting around new york was seamless thanks to the few key mix and match pieces. one big advance of designing TranquiliT is that i get to don samples before the pieces are even in production. ex* = fall release on september 14. my packing list consisted of:

bandeau bra
2-in-1 cami
2-in-1 flare top*
tube top skirt*
skirt pant
palazzo pant
2-in-1 dolman*
2-in-1 slip dress
sleeveless wrap dress
all-in-one wrap dress

not bad for a week’s worth of varied activities! my fave new look is sleeveless wrap dress or one should all-in-one wrap dress over palazzo pants. love teaching, taking french, and bookstore browsing in this ensemble.

additional must-packs: phone + computer charger, earplugs, accessories, headbands, reusable tea mug, klean kanteen, macbook, journal, sparkly pens, notecards for snail mailing, planner pad, amazing grass green super food bars, tamari almonds, ipod, idea book, camera, flip.

feeling the itch to pack your bags and catch a train to somewhere exotic? do it. your soul will thank you.