tranquilosophy: my $100 project

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dearest readers:

as you may recall from a july “on my mind” post, i received $100 at the world domination summit to “start a project, surprise someone, or do something entirely different.” today i’m excited to share more about how i’ve invested the $100 coupled with a few thousand more, hours of creating, editing, prepping, and soon-to-be shipping.

as a passionate planner and connoisseur of organizational tools, pals have encouraged me to create a sort of “pink planner pad” with girly flair. and on december 22, 2009, i received an email from online pal, britt bravo, with the following:

“I know you don’t need anymore ideas (!), but I was doing some research this morning for a blog post about calendars published by nonprofits, and it occurred to me that you would be the perfect person to create a calendar, or day planner, with photos, quotes, reflection questions, petals, etc. about women, yoga, creativity and leadership, and part of the profits of the calendar’s sales could go to Tranquil Space Foundation.”

clearly a seed was planted because after months of behind the scenes work, on november 11, i launched pre-sale of the tranquility du jour daybook. this past friday britt reminded me of this email. when i reviewed it, i was surprised to see how many pieces made it into the daybook despite not having laid eyes on the email for nearly 3 years. ah, synchronicity!

somehow the pieces all came together. i created the daily, weekly, and monthly checklists plus weekly planner layout for tranquilologie earlier this year and wanted to design a sweet bound companion for the ongoing tranquilologie process.

i had beautiful watercolors of my favorite things created by artist and friend mary catherine starr for tranquilologie. coupled with a talented graphic designer, christy jenkins, and editor extraordinaire, carol meyers, i have been blessed with an amazing team throughout the process.
in addition to many of the pieces promised in my pre-sale post, i added 50 more pages including seasonal wheels of life, blank pages for collage, note-taking, or doodling, signature savvy sources, and a table of contents for easy access to all the inner gems.

the daybooks shipped yesterday and are en route to moi. upon receipt in the next few days, i’ll be packing them with lots of love and sending them right out to you! this little elf has been wrapping baker’s twine around pink tags, prepping the darling stickers and appointment cards, and gathering all the accessories to make the daybook a source of grand inspiration for your upcoming year.

trust that seeds are constantly planted. although they may not take root immediately, creativity is stirring below the surface. give your dreams time, water, fertile soil, and adequate sun to sprout. 

what would you do with $100? bisous. x