Thank you for your interest in the Tranquility du Jour Detox!

A detox is a way to cleans our systems of toxins, practice self-care from the inside out, and to become aware of not-so-helpful habits (hello midday vending machine) and I love hosting these a few times a year for the Tranquility du Jour community.

Sign up HERE by October 19 to join our free fall 7-day detox happening October 20-26.

We’ll kick off our adventure on Friday, October 19 at noon ET HERE. Learn tips, way to prepare, ask questions, and connect! The replay will be posted on our YouTube page within a few days of the live event.


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Green smoothie making video
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Fall 2018 detox kickoff FB Live {coming October 19}
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Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart
The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder


Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I would not have gotten through 7 days (with just a couple of slips) without your kind and gentle guidance and resources. My intention is to stay wIthin this eating plan as much as possible.  I’ve wanted to learn more plant-based recipes and back away from excess sugar for a long time.  After the first 2-3 days, my body and mind took right to it.  I feel so much better in just a week!  I’m here to say that a week of healthy food, walking and some yoga has really made a difference for me physically and mentally. —Yvonne

Every time I detox  I learn so much about myself.  It’s amazing the impact of discipline and observation.  I totally broke the detox with honey a couple of times, but I’ve been really good about shifting my internal messaging that I’ve been clean about 99% of the time, so that is worth a celebration!—Betsy