Back to School with TDJ

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Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. —George Bernard Shaw

Happy fall! It’s my favorite time of the year.

Last weekend I taught at Luna Yoga in Old Town Montreal and met Christopher the pig! As we drove to and from Montreal (yep, 19 hours!), we saw red, yellow, and orange hues peppered in the foliage lining the Canadian highway. It’s that time. We shed the old and make room for slowing down and getting quiet.

This season also conjures up coziness (hello Hygge) and back to school time nostalgia complete with sharpened pencils and new notebooks.

 Picture yourself going back to school to reflect, connect, learn, and grow Tranquility du Jour style this fall. Don’t miss out on the NEW Tranquility Salon Online! We start THIS Friday, September 27 and here’s a video peek inside the experience.

Filled with practical tools, poetry, how-tos, and encouragement, we’ll explore these FOUR topics: dreams/goals, self-care, mindfulness, creativity, and self-care.

Learn ways to live with intention and ease as we move into the final months of 2019 and prepare for the bustling holiday season.


I am over the moon to be participating in Tranquility Salon Online!  It’s the perfect alternative for anyone unable to attend Kimberly’s fabled in-person salons in Washington, D.C. I’m looking forward to sharing insights with wonderful, like-minded women and delving deep into the topics of dreams and goals, self-care, mindfulness, and creativity. —Allison




I’m excited to be joining Tranquility Salon online because, 1) I’m on the other side of the country but soak up the beauty of that space 2) I need some extra time just for me, to re-ignite my creative spark, indulge in some self-care, and just be present as we shift into Fall. Time to pause, and recenter. —Liisa




Kimberly Wilson’s online and virtual events are always well-structured and time well spent. I am so looking forward to the Online Salon!

I am enjoying another standout year infused with the tranquility (and delight) that comes from setting intentions, staying the course, watching them unfold and making time for reflection (and celebration), month after month using Year of Tranquility, Tranquilologie, and the TDJ Daybook.

The online salon will give a boost to the last quarter and I know Kimberly will guide serenity-seekers through a very thoughtful (and fun) bite-sized lifestyle approach, attitude and attunement designed around four thematically oriented, stand-alone modules. —Barbara