Meet Pink Friday

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Want to intentionally reflect on this year? Feeling overwhelmed by the upcoming holidays? Crave a safe space to connect within? I see you and I feel the same!

That’s why I’ve created Pink Friday, a 90-minute mini retreat, happening on Friday, November 25 at 2 pm ET. It may be just the soul balm you crave as you take a break from Black Friday to turn inward.

This end-of-year virtual event includes space for deep, compassionate reflection sprinkled with dreaming and planning what’s to come.

I can’t wait to intentionally tie a bow around the year with you while also consciously creating our last month and beyond. There’s still time to take steps toward those intentions set at the beginning of 2022. Promise!

Gift yourself time and space to focus on you, your year, and your dreams.

Registration is now open, my love. I hope you can join us! Bisous. x