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Late 2006 a pink and leopard-print book hit the shelves filled with tips for life on and off the yoga mat. To celebrate Hip Tranquil Chick‘s 10-year birthday, we gathered on December 4, 2016 to indulge in a potpourri of tranquility practices.

Tim baked the vegan funfetti cupcakes. Pink and white twinkle lights were everywhere. Art journal supplies were set out for easy access. 70 white tulips were sprinkled about. A crackling fire was lit. Belle Starr donned her pink and leopard-print sweater. Guests arrived in sparkles. Bubbly chilled and was sipped through a gold paper straw. 

We reflected on the past decade, practiced tranquility tools (mindful eating/drinking, seated yoga, journaling, art journaling), and explored what’s next in a mini-retreat. Topped off with a David Whyte poem, Sweet Darkness.

Click the links sent upon purchase and, voilà, you get the event video recording, 49-page HTC10 PDF, and 34-page event Playbook PDF. A journal, pen, and creative supplies are helpful, too.

For the cost of a few soy chai lattes, you get three treats that last a lifetime.

1. EVENT RECORDING: The event streamed from my tiny Pink Palace with a live in-home audience on Sunday, December 4, 2016. Festivities included: seated yoga, mindfulness practices, reflection via journaling, dreaming via art journaling, a reading from HTC10 (here’s what early readers are saying), a few highlights from Hip Tranquil Chick (pp. 62-65 is great for this time of the year), and more!

2. NEW CHAPTER PDF: HTC10 is a 10-year retrospective filled with photos, inspiration, lessons learned, stories, and savvy sources, plus an exploration of what’s next. Read the draft introduction to the new chapter. This chapter is chock-full (1/4 the size of the entire Hip Tranquil Chick book). Get your copy of HTC10.

3. PLAYBOOK PDF: The Playbook complemented our event with tips on how to savor the online experience: checklists, recipes, a playlist, how-tos for the tranquility practices, and more.

I so loved celebrating with you during this festive time of year (insert twinkle lights and holiday jazz). Thank you for helping me honor my firstborn book’s birthday. Your presence was the cherry on top!







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The Book Launch

One chilly 2006 November night, we gathered to celebrate the release of my first book baby, Hip Tranquil Chick. It was birthed two years post-conception through nine months of intense writing and six years of dreaming.

The newly-opened Hotel Palomar down the block from Tranquil Space’s P Street location offered a swanky spot for an evening infused with pink and leopard-print. Even lavender-infused “TranquilTinis.”

My pug Louis—who suffered from separation anxiety—began screeching when I started speaking at the podium and had to be removed for those few minutes. That’s why Tim and I are laughing as we’re reunited after the reading in the above photo.

I wore a custom TranquiliT dress and pink leopard-print heels. Louis wore a custom Hip Tranquil Pug sparkle tee—a surprise gift from my pug-loving seamstress at that time. Guests were gifted a leopard-print scarf in a leopard-print bag with pink tissue paper. The room was decorated with pink gerber daisies and stargazer lilies, along with images of Paris in sparkly frames and silent auction items to raise money for Tranquil Space Foundation. Jazz played in the background and veg hors d’oeuvres were passed around the room.

I felt like a princess. Similar to how little girls must feel at their princess parties. Does one ever outgrow this appreciation of girly delights? I sure haven’t.

Looking through the photo gallery from this event was an immersion into the past. So many faces of beloved souls who have moved away from DC, married, had babies, or moved on over the past decade. A reminder of life’s impermanence and deep gratitude for those I’ve met along this journey.

I also found Tranquility du Jour podcast #58: Hip Tranquil Chick Book Launch where I recount the event in detail. Ah, the beauty of social media.

It’s hard to believe an entire decade has passed. I look forward to honoring my first book baby with you—complete with bubbly, inspiration, and deep breaths.

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