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while doing my typical dash between meetings tonight, i decided not to rush to my meditation practice and dharma talk, but instead to relish in a quiet at home. lit a fire, made some soup (but got full on the dessert i heated up in the process – oh, and the heaps of cool whip), and am settling in for a slow evening at home. i have a tendency to shove too much into a day and then am left with no space between meetings. this leaves me late for the next appointment, disheveled, and frustrated by the lack of space. um, who plans all these meetings? moi! so, considering last week’s silliness rushing to a buddhist darma talk (the one where i arrived 20 minutes late and my cell phone began vibrating during meditation . . . ugh!), i decided i’d spare the meditating beings my “rushness” and chill at home. ommmmm.

i’m getting used to (and LOVING) having thursday nights off. after 8 years, it feels like such a treat. almost like i’m doing something wrong or living that funny dream where you show up to a final exam and realize you never studied for it.

last night my arlington students were complaining about being so achy with this chilly weather and i could totally relate. when i got home i took a nyquil to help my cold-like symptoms and joked with a colleague via phone that it was “nyquility.” clever name for a cold medicine, eh? slept like a baby and woke up feeling much better but had that drugged out state all day. those meds stick in your system! i hope you, too, are getting some much needed rest and enjoying some down time – hopefully sans nyquility. that stuff is potent!

started my next series for the examiner on 8 hip and tranquil tips for the holidays. stay tuned for them here. got the first one in yesterday and look forward to this new series that includes tips for yoga-on-the-go, the environment, self-care, and more!

in honor of my quiet night in with louis snoring on my lap and my back to the fire, i wanted to share this quote:

I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure–which is: Try to please everybody. Herbert Bayard Swope