saturday night

love notes
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bon soir from tranquil space. up until 2 again pulling some loose ends together and my day has been jam-packed with meetings and appointments. took a yoga class, met with my webmaster, met with the mid-atlantic yoga association board and got a yummy massage. swung by the studio to handle a few things and am too pooped to gear up to go so i thought i’d take a moment to reflect.

it’s funny that i blogged in july about wanting to sing for saturdays like my girlfriend in santa fe, now my saturday’s have filled with other obligations besides teaching. i guess that’s always what happens when we open up space unless we set tight boundaries. tomorrow is a day of strategic planning with my glorious tranquil space foundation steering committee and board. hope to see juno too – hear it is sooooo cute! off to new york all of monday and tuesday to review trends for summer. i’ll be doing the new year, new you teleclass from there!

i’ve got mama working on some fun new faux fur mat bags. she’s sewn the aromatherapy mat bags that we sell at the studio for years and i wanted to spice it up some with something like those fabulous legwarmers i bought.

had a lovely chat with joy of petali teas yesterday. in february beau, assistant, and i are heading to ohio to meet her, see her fabulous tea shop, taste teas, and choose some of her fair trade offerings for tranquil space’s new tea bar. so excited! love, love, love tea! now my clothing will be made in ohio and my tea will come from ohio – go ohio! everyone i’ve met from there is so lovely.

was wrong about my creative time yesterday – i had it disguised as work. we hit homegoods. OMG, how did i not know of this place before? the plan was to scope out finds for the new space. boy did i! framed cork boards, framed mirrors, an wrought iron easel, lovely frames, a few gifts, a few gifts (candles) for me, damask storage units for TranquiliT, and a gorgeous glass buddha head made in spain for $7.99. i was in heaven and felt very creative playing decorator to a space that is still naked and only framed – no walls yet!

guess i need to get up the strength to head home, have a fire, dine on some baked ziti, and sip some decaf chai before heading to bed early. promise. oh, how are those resolutions coming? i’ve been getting my yoga on, not as much meditation as i need, but am trying to keep moving forward on the others. bon soir.