tranquiliT manifesto

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as i prepare to head out to seattle to showcase the tranquiliT line with buyers in the northwest, i wanted to share this beautiful image that my graphic designer put together for my clothing line manifesto. this manifesto means so much to me as it is a dynamic reflection of how yoga can seep into our lifestyle. yoga is not simply downward facing dog, but it the awareness to carry the creativity and mindfulness of the practice into our everyday life.

“live fully” is my first statement of the manifesto. i believe yoga encourages us to dive deeper into life, just as we do with our poses, and without tasting the nectar of life again and again, we become stagnant. my hope is that this manifesto, along with the clothing line and the yoga studio, will inspire others to live life fully. it is through creating, sharing your voice, and doing one thing each day that scares you, that you grow beyond your wildest belief. namaste.