Vegan cupcakes, birthdays + daybooks, oh my!

Sunday I turn 46. It doesn’t seem like a new number, I’ve been incorrectly saying I was 46 for months.

After 30, I’ve found hard to remember my age and often do math. Okay, born in 73, it’s 2019 . . . oh, yes, 46! Anyone else have this issue?!

On this week’s upcoming edition of Tea with Kimberly, I’ll be sharing a trick to make vegan cupcakes from your average boxed cake mix, plus my go-to birthday ritual (which is perfect for EVERYONE mid-year).

A gentle reminder that TOMORROW is our Tranquility du Jour Daybook Virtual Launch Fête. Since the Daybook is dateless, you can start it at anytime (mine’s set to start in 2020). If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, there’s still time to do so and join us: visit and fill out this

Here’s to pretty pink planners, cupcakes, and mid-year reflection! Bisous. x

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