Fall Tranquilosophy Seasonal Podcast

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Yesterday was the official fall kickoff with the Tranquilosophy Seasonal Podcast. With nearly 100 listeners from the US, Canada, Australia, and France, we set our seasonal intentions in motion.

For almost a decade I’ve been hosting these seasonal chats focused on eight tranquility tips. The tips revolve around what I’m exploring, finding helpful, or seeking more insight into and eager to share. They often come with a story or savvy source to explore further.

In this one you’ll hear a confession of my candy corn problem, Mookie barking as Jackson gives him the evil eye, and this season’s online book club pick.

This season’s eight tips are:

  1. Reflect
  2. Soften {Savvy Source: The Happiness Trap}
  3. Honor Shifts {Savvy Source: 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women and The Artist’s Way}
  4. Eat Clean {Savvy Source: Cleaneatingmag.com}
  5. Declutter {Savvy Source: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up}
  6. Prioritize {Savvy Source: Essentialism}
  7. Capsule Dress {Savvy Source: Project 333, TranquiliT.com/capsule, and 10-Item Wardrobe}
  8. Move {Savvy Source: Sun salute mp3 in Tranquil Treasures}

If you missed the call, the mp3 is available for purchase and comes with a 25% off TranquiliT shopping code.

Save the date for our next live gathering on Monday, January 4 at 3pm ET.

Wishing you a beautiful and tranquil launch into fall. Bring on the layers, tights, tall boots, hot cocoa, warm fires, and chunky knits! Bisous. x