Tranquility du Jour #536: Spring Reflection

TDJ 536: Spring Reflection
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In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, I share 10 journal prompts to strengthen self-awareness, deepen clarity, and encourage action this season.

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Mentioned in the Show: 10 Prompts
1. What is my spring intention?
2. Q1 highlights.
3. Q2 dreams.
4. What does blooming into spring look/feel like to me?
5. How is my word or theme of the year unfolding? Do I need a new one?
6. What parts of my pandemic lifestyle do I want to keep as the world reopens? Ex. rituals, thought patterns, practices, time at home
7. What have I missed and look forward to incorporating? Ex. better habits, new routine, connection, travel, in-person meetings, events (concerts, the arts)
8. Where am I right now?
9. Where do I want to be? Describe self by start of summer. Ex. Today is June 20th and I’m feeling strong. Doing yoga and writing in my journal each morning and filled with energy. I’m eating lots of fruits and veggies and reconnecting with parts of myself that I put on hold during the pandemic.
10. To bring more balance to my Seasonal Life Review (p. 21 of Year of Tranquility and p. 55 TDJ Daybook), what small steps do I need to take?
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