Tranquility du Jour #611: Emboldened to Keep Going

Tranquility du Jour #611: Emboldened to Keep Going
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In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, I chat with Belinda Alexandra about her new book, Emboldened: On Finding the Fire to Keep Going When All Seems Lost.

Belinda shares her journey of facing a traumatic event and how she found inspiration in the stories of courageous individuals who overcame challenges. We discuss the importance of resilience, purpose, passion, and connection in living an emboldened and courageous life. Belinda mentions her mother’s resilience and wisdom, as well as the stories of Virginia Hall, Carmen Amaya, and Edna Walling, who exemplify these qualities.

We explore the need for balance, rest, and moments of stillness to avoid burnout. Belinda highlights the significance of nature and finding tranquility in everyday life. The conversation concludes with a reflection on the beauty and wonder that surrounds us if we take the time to pause and appreciate it.

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Video Interview

Our Guest: Belinda Alexandra

Belinda  Alexandra is the author of ten best-selling novels. She has been published around the world, including the United States, Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Hungary and Poland. She lives in Sydney, Australia, with her three black cats and a garden full of interesting wildlife. Her interests include dancing (flamenco and belly-dance), piano and foreign languages. A lover of all creatures, Belinda volunteers with several animal charities.

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