A star never lets anything dull its sparkle, not even darkness. ―Matshona Dhliwayo

When preparing to write today, I searched my previous blog posts for the word “sparkle” and the last one was this October 2012 piece. What happened to my sparkle obsession?

It’s still inside of me considering I remain drawn to chandeliers, gold accents, Rococo and Belle Époque style, and shiny, ornate objects like gold mirrors with baroque details.

From a personal style perspective though, I don’t have as much of the sparkle as I did 10 years ago when I loved sequined beanies, silver sequin shoes, and chandelier earrings.

Now my sparkle is more muted—tiny clear crystal ball earrings, pops of leopard-print and pink over my “uniform,” Swedish Hasbeens clogs.

Jamie Cat Callan recently introduced me to Accidental Icon’s work and I’m in awe. Between her and Linda Rodin, I adore how les femmes d’une certain âge express their personal inner sparkle and style. It inspires me as mine continues to morph.

This week’s podcast reminded me of my love of sparkles and also my shift in how I share it. Wondering how to capture and showcase yours? Read on.

Consider the persona you want to express to the world. You want your style to reflect your personality, but it also has to make sense in your type of work (hello, WFH), your overall lifestyle, the city you live in, and align with your long-term goals (like overalls if you’re craving country life).

Set aside 30 minutes to play on Pinterest or to thumb through a few magazines. Create a digital moodboard using Pinterest or collage with a pile of magazines, scissors, and a glue stick.

Consider accessories, social media, beloved causes, body language, entertaining, free time, décor, color, print, wardrobe staples, and texture. How do you highlight your signature style and sparkle?

Think inner and outer beauty—a smile, hydration, skin care routine, red lips, forest bathing, moisturizer, mani/pedi, creating a home sanctuary (flowers, candles, plants, light), rose oil, performing arts, poetry, farmers’ markets, perfume, snail mail, dance, positive mindset, slowing down, pillow spray, easy makeup, oh-so-you accessories.

Remember, our insides help our outsides shine. You radiate and sparkle, my love! Bisous. x