more chic socially consious tips

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as we approach the season of giving, i wanted to share some more socially conscious ideas to compliment yesterday’s podcast.

1. be a global girlfriend. give gifts that are globally chic and environmentally friendly.
2. support java with justice. buy fair trade cofee. your choice of latte can have a profound effect on coffee growers around the world.
3. buy organic flowers. south america’s flower export is also quite toxic. flowers certified by veriflora label are raised organically with a focus on conserving water and restoring habitat.
4. buy eco-friendly clothing. organic cotton and bamboo are soft, less toxic on the environment, add a dash of consciousness to your flair. our line, tranquiliT, will have a new website shortly and is the perfect combo of eco-friendly flair.
5. support clean gold. mining for gold blasts the earth and leaves massive craters. cyanide is poured over the ore to extract the gold. alternatives include recycled products and vintage. greenKarat and leber jeweler are two options. some high-end retailers also support mining reform such as tiffany’s, cartier, and the zale corporation. full list available at
6. buy forest-friendly furniture. an FSC (forest stewardship council) certification assures lumber has been removed in ways that conserve water, protect animal nesting, restrict pesticides, and more! even IKEA carries FSC furniture.
7. phone a senior. visit to see how a few minutes of your day can brighten another’s.

may we continue appreciating and valuing our interconnectedness to all beings in simple ways that allow us to live a mindfully extravagant lifestyle!