savor simplicity

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“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – leonardo da vinci
as i procrastinate in front of the fire today (clocks tickin’ on monday’s due date . . . boo), i am feeling a major itch for creative expression. desperately want to bead, decorate my new 2010 planner pad, write my tranquility du jour newsletter, begin crafting 2010 goals, learn how to use a new photo software program, and on and on.

ahhhh, instead of focusing on all the goodies i’d love to be crafting, i wanted to share a few ideas on ways to savor simplicity:

light a scented soy candle
warm by a fire
do yin yoga (preferably in front of the fire)
roast marshmallows
sip hot cocoa with marshmallows on top (best part!)
stack your books by subject
de-clutter (oh boy this is TOP on my list – where does all this stuff come from?)
decorate a live tree and then plant outside post-holiday
make popcorn – yum!
toast to a life well lived (w/ veuve clicquot, of course)
nap and truly daydream
indulge in a mid-day bubble bath

what are your favorite ways to savor simplicity?