Ready to sprinkle tranquil practices into your every day?

Do you feel like your to-do list is never ending?
Is stress bleeding into your relationships?
Is it hard to connect with the dreams inside of you?

Give yourself
that much-needed reset.

Picture yourself joining a supportive virtual group of like-hearted women (and those who identify as women) to reflect, learn, grow, and live the five TDJ Tenets  of compassion, mindfulness, creativity, wellness, and style.



An Online Course to Living Your Tranquility

Devices and pdfs TDJ Lifestyle E-course

In this more tranquil version of you, you’re:

✓ blending healthy habits into your busy routine
✓ prioritizing self-care and are kinder to yourself
✓ more present and practicing mindfulness
✓ infusing creativity in your every day
✓ incorporating healthier choices in life
✓ expressing personal style that reflects who you really are
✓ building strong, healthy and nurturing relationships
✓ aligned with your values and are guided by your tranquil tools

Are you ready to feel this way?
If it’s a resounding YES, then let TDJ Lifestyle be the gentle guide in your journey!

The e-course was a life-changing experience.
I learned a great deal, but the greatest benefit for me was an increased awareness and sense of possibility. In many ways, it refreshed my life.
I now have a renewed focus on what is important to me and a determination to make changes and move toward realizing all my dreams.



Filled with practical tools, poetry, how-tos, everyday examples, and gentle guidance,
we’ll deep dive into the TDJ Tenets to learn ways to live with more intention, flair, and ease.

Discover & Learn

✓ express your signature style
✓ design a wellness plan that works for you
✓ manage stress with mindfulness practices
✓ make creativity a habit
✓ be an everyday activist

Encouraging Resources

✓ five weekly modules
✓ 25 bite-sized videos to watch at your leisure
✓ audio mp3s to enjoy while on the go
✓ inbox inspiration
✓ three live gatherings (LUXE)

Tranquility Roadmap

✓ reflective journaling prompts
✓ audio mp3 meditation practices
✓ beautiful 65+-page PDF workbook
✓ lessons from my journey
✓ a holistic guided experience

Let TDJ Lifestyle Transform You

Here’s what previous participants experienced


increased their life satisfaction


improved their overall wellness


lowered their stress



pink teacup with golden spoon


  • practice affirmative writing to gain clarity
  • design a wellness plan
  • create your ideal weekly schedule


  • art journal your vision
  • dabble in a variety of creative pursuits
  • try 15 tools to enhance your creativity


  • find more ease through a variety of practices
  • make friends with yourself
  • the 3Ns to help manage emotions


  • clarify your signature style
  • design a capsule wardrobe
  • incorporate flair into your routine


  • be an everyday activist
  • honor the environment
  • alleviate the suffering of others


Kimberly Wilson delivers high impact, quality engagement and practical activities across all her online offerings. Tranquilistas anywhere in search of a short, sustained dose of TDJ will find benefit from the blended online e-course! It’s affordable, rich in content, rich in rewards.


I set up the modules in a binder and I think it really grounded me, I do have a morning and evening routine but my check ins with myself were lacking. I’m going to keep using my binder and daybook as check ins every day and making it a priority. The wellness portion really made me aware that I wasn’t doing as good as I can.


In alignment with our compassion tenet, a portion of all proceeds will benefit Pigs & Pugs Project.



This option includes:

  • Inbox Inspiration

  • Private Discussion Space

  • Inspiring Workbook PDF

  • Five Modules

  • 25 Bite-Sized Videos

  • Weekly Lessons

  • Guided Meditations


This option includes:

  • Inbox Inspiration

  • Private Discussion Space

  • Inspiring Workbook PDF

  • Five Modules

  • 25 Bite-Sized Videos

  • Weekly Lessons

  • Guided Meditations


  • Live Virtual Kickoff

  • Live Virtual Wrap-Up
  • Fall Virtual Retreat (valued at $99)
  • Additional Guided Practices

  • Soothing Spotify Playlist

  • Daybook PDF (valued at $29)
  • Year of Tranquility PDF (valued at $19)

  • Sustainable Style Discount Code

If you’d like to gift yourself tranquility tools,
community, and sacred space, join the Tranquility Lifestyle waitlist.


Five weekly video modules to watch at your leisure. Email encouragement. An exclusive workbook to guide you through the program. For the LUXE group: all that PLUS A French playlist. The Year of Tranquility PDF. Additional guided practices. Two live sessions. The Tranquility du Jour Daybook PDF. Oh, and lifetime access!
The modules are released over five Sundays.

Great question! TDJ Lifestyle is a deep dive into the five TDJ Tenets of compassion, wellness, creativity, wellness, and mindfulness released over five weeks through a total of 25 bite-sized video lessons. There are three live events for those who choose the LUXE option. The Coterie is a year-long journey through 12 topics ranging from dreams, yoga, meaning, writing, entrepreneurship, love, and self-care plus most of the Tenets and includes over 30 live events. Compassion isn’t one of the 12 Coterie topics since I developed the Tenets after I wrote my book Year of Tranquility and it’s the foundation for the Coterie’s monthly masterclasses and lessons. There is some overlap since the Tenets encompass my teaching, but it’s a fairly different experience in timeline, topics, and price.

For the past 20 years I’ve used these practices to write six books, prioritize self-care while running multiple businesses, navigate deep loss, build a (nearly) 20-year relationship with my partner, highlight philanthropy in my work, complete two master’s programs, and teach in over 35 cities across the globe. I believe it’s never too late and our plates are never too full to live the life we want. It starts with small steps and practices that move us closer to our future selves. This e-course shares the secrets of how I’ve used the Tenets in my life.

No worries, we’ll sure miss you and you’ll receive the replay within 48 hours of the event.

To get the most out of the experience, I encourage devoting at least two to three hours each week to watch the videos, read the emails, connect in the discussion space, reflect in your workbook, and try the practices. You have lifetime access to the program, so if you fall behind you can revisit the program as your schedule allows.

TDJ Lifestyle is filled with digital resources, so there aren’t any refunds and we think you’re going to love the experience.

Click the classic or LUXE registration boxes above.

Upon registration you’ll receive a welcome confirmation email. If you don’t receive it, please check spam. If it’s not there, please reach out and we’ll get you set.

TDJ Lifestyle Inspirations

The entire journey was like a nourishing virtual hug and yummy cup of tea. I have a glimpse of what is means to be my best self.


My intention for attending the TDJ Lifestyle e-course was to work on centering my focus for both mind and body. The course did not disappoint and has given me many options to explore weekly as I go forward in my journey.


TDJ Lifestyle gave me time to get back to myself…and it reminded me of what’s important.


I really enjoyed the way the course was set up. It was so easy to follow.


The TDJ Lifestyle is an inspiring and manageable program. The assignments are fun and thought-provoking, but can be done in a few hours a week. Kimberly does it again!


I loved the format –
very manageable!


It was a wonderful experience in every aspect.
TDJ Lifestyle was perfect! I didn’t want it to end.


In addition to being a personal eye-opener,
the feeling of community felt like a big hug every day.



Hi, I’m Kimberly!

I’m a psychotherapist, writer, eco-fashion designer, and rescue pug mama. I’ve been studying and teaching tranquility for two decades with a mission to help women find more balance and beauty in their lives.

Sprinkling tranquility into my every day has allowed me to:

  • Write six books and a create a planner over the past 16 years.
  • Make self-care a priority while juggling multiple businesses (yoga studios, eco-fashion line, non-profit, online offerings) over the past 23 years.
  • Create a disciplined practice plan and place second in the beginner ballet solo competition at an international ballet festival at age 49.
  • Survive deep loss and say goodbye to a beloved Gramma, dear pets, and yoga studios (sold to YogaWorks in 2017).
  • Complete two master’s programs while working full-time.
  • Start my social work master’s program at the age of 36 and begin working as a psychotherapist in private practice when I turned 41.
  • Make getting dressed super smooth by creating a uniform and capsule wardrobe.
  • Build a (nearly) 20-year relationship with my partner Tim.
  • Devote my philanthropic efforts to Pigs & Pugs Project and Borneo Orangutan Survival (and numerous other issues du jour).
  • Teach workshops and retreats in over 35 cities across the globe.

Focus on your values and reconnect with yourself.