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As a highly sensitive (HSP) introvert, I am so grateful for this community. It’s nice to know there are other sensitive souls seeking tranquility and personal growth (with a splash of flair) out there!

When I started this blog in 2004, I had no idea how meaningful the writing and connecting would be. I mean, who even knew if anyone would read it? Somehow over the years, with the help of the podcast and yoga studio (now owned by YogaWorks), our reach expanded.

With hope of encapsulating our community, updating the new here page of my website has been on my mind for a few months now. I’d love to hear from you what would be helpful. Coming up with these five TDJ Tenets (downloadable PDF) was one way to clarify the foundations of what’s explored on the podcast, retreats, blog, and books.

Some readers may have been around for over a decade, where others may be new to the Tranquility du Jour (TDJ) world. Either way, you may have an idea of how I can best introduce and serve the community and I’m all ears!

Here’s a few fun facts:

I’ve written six lifestyle-themed books incorporating tranquility.

I feel most alive in Paris, surrounded by pigs and pugs, at Garth Brooks concerts, in bookstores, sitting fireside, viewing Impressionism in galleries, at the ballet barre, and hiking through the Redwoods.

I’m designing a chic and meaningful DC event to bring like-hearted ladies (and those who identify as ladies) together for an entire day. Pssst, looks like the date will be Sunday, June 9. Save it!

I live with three rescue pugs, one rescue kitty, and one partner in a 600-square-foot DC condo.

One of my mottos is “wear black, live pink.”

I work 1:1 with mentoring and therapy clients.

My favorite social media platform is Instagram—it enhances my attention to everyday beauty.

I design the eco-friendly, vegan clothing line, TranquiliT, in collaboration with my local seamstress.

I hope Tranquility du Jour serves as a haven for you through our free seasonal TDJ Live gatherings and other resources. Just knowing that you exist and resonate with the themes shared here means so much.

As noted in November, we’re evolving. And ideally evolution is ongoing for each of us. Thank goodness we’re not who we were 5 or 10 years ago, right? Phew!

That you for being on this journey with me. I’m delightfully honored and appreciative. Bisous. x