Oh 2020!

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To say it’s been a tough year would be a dramatic understatement. From unemployment to health issues to police brutality to lockdowns, I mean come on 2020!

When walking the pups recently I’ve run into a few neighbors I used to see often, but haven’t since the pandemic hit. We exchange niceties through our masks and I notice that people are scared, overwhelmed, exhausted, sad, and, some, surprisingly grateful.

Grateful for a shake up. Grateful to be employed. Grateful to feel as safe as one can feel in a pandemic. Grateful to be healthy. Grateful to have to slow down and listen in. Grateful for relationships. Grateful for companion animals. Grateful for the little things. Grateful to get to rethink their “normal.”

After receiving the word “unprecedented” from every corporation (even my internet provider) and solopreneur (guilty!), it may make your eyes roll at this point. And yet, it IS a time not known before.

There’s no road map. No how-to book to pick up at your local bookstore. We’re just making our way through it the best we can with the skills we have.

Remember all those new year/decade dreams you had? Life seemed full of possibility. I’d like to think it still is. Just differently.

Next Saturday, July 18, I’m hosting a half-day virtual retreat with an eye toward reviewing the year, committing to healthy habits, deepening coping skills, and designing what remains of 2020.

We’ll dabble in yoga, mindfulness, journaling, and creativity catered to all levels. You’ll leave with clarity on the first half of your year, an action plan, and inspiration to make your days meaningful.

2020 isn’t cancelled, it’s just wildly different than anything we’ve experienced before and is worth paying attention to. I hope you’ll join us for this mid-year reflection. Bisous. x

A portion of all event proceeds benefits Higher Heights for America. They’re building the political power and leadership of Black women from the voting booth to elected office and creating the environment for Black women to run, win, and lead.

PS If you haven’t seen this Coronavirus Anxiety workbook, you may find it helpful.