Recipe for Tranquility

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Wonder how best to infuse the day with moments of tranquility? As I was soaking in the tub after my morning pug walk and computer work, I came up with this blog post idea featuring the small, simple ways I strive to incorporate tranquility.

Pug kisses. Soaks in the tub. Green tea with mint. Ballet. Yoga. Pug walks. Journal writing. Aromatherapy. Goal review. Eating plants. Fresh flowers. Head-to-toe TranquiliT. Fun shoes, scarf, coat to spice up all black. Evening reflection. Artist Date plans. Green smoothie. Perfume spritzes. Sitting still and listening within—what do I want, think, feel? Being present with clients. Smiling at strangers. Plants and twinkle light decor. Layers, I feel swaddled. A good book or magazine. Images and washi tape in my planner. Looking at the moon.

Most days begin with pug feeding and walks, followed by tea time, a green smoothie, and admin work. Then a soak in the tub followed by daily dress-up and time with clients. Evenings include family time, reading, and reflection. All the other pieces are sprinkled throughout.

I love this quote by French composer Claude Debussy, “Music is the space between the notes.” I believe tranquility is the moments between the doing.

What do you think? What’s your daily recipe for tranquility? Bisous. x