tranquilosophy: 2015 dreams

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Happy, happy new year. A fresh start and the chance to begin anew.

After penning yesterday’s post on my 2014 takeaways, I headed to Tranquil Space to lead a three-hour mindfulness and yoga mini retreat for a lovely group. Next, we headed into the woods to ring in the new year with our good friends, Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. And, I’m proud to say I actually made it to watch the ball drop unlike last year.

For the past three years I’ve headed up to New York City on January 1 to immerse myself in a few days of a Jivamukti yoga gathering. This year I decided to stay home to tackle decluttering and a slower transition into the new year.

Although today hasn’t felt particularly different, I’m sensing a welcomed shift. I began reading Essentialism, napped, took my inbox from 300 to 21, welcomed the 52 Weeks of Tranquility group, set up an extensive collection of notebooks in Evernote, and enjoyed a family walk in the woods.

After this post, I’m settling in for a hot bath. Not a bad start to 2015.

Considering all the hubbub around resolutions, I wanted to share mine with hope of strengthening accountability and connection in our online community. An assortment is listed below in no particular order.

1. Be present. Connect to my felt sense and what is happening in front of me often.

2. Single-task. Do one thing at a time. Here’s why.

3. Digital time off. Give my brain and tech toys a much-needed rest. Shut the computer by 10pm. Avoid opening email first thing.

4. Use Evernote. Streamline my inbox, ideas, and resources with this tool.

5. Pen 52 Weeks of Tranquility. Offer this free program for love note subscribers (launching Monday) with lots of love to spread tranquility throughout 2015.

6. Launch VIP Days. Design one on one half-day or full-day mentoring sessions in a beautiful setting to dive into one’s life’s dreams.

7. Regular creativity. Spend time alone with my computer to muse and develop future projects. Go on Artist Dates. Dabble in my art journal.

8. Regular sits on the cushion. Create a consistent 10-minute session on my damask meditation cushion.

9. Date nights. Plan weekly date nights with Le Beau to strengthen our connection beyond the work we do together.

10. Daily movement. Yoga, gym, biking, dance, long walks with Le Pug.

11. Clarify business goals. Set SMART goals to help my team and myself meet milestones.

12. Pare down to the essentials. Shed non-essentials: roles, clothes, books, stuff, to-dos, emails, evens.

13. Surround myself with beauty. Fresh flowers, candles, twinkle lights, organized space.

14. Family time. Make cuddle time with my multiple four-legged family a priority.

15. Advocate for the animals. Supporting organizations speaking out against the atrocities of factory farming remains a top passion of mine.

What are your dreams for 2015? Ponder beyond the to-do list and contemplate a to-be list. What wants attention? It’s your year. Make it shine.

Finally, below is a wonderful challenge I received today from Into-Mind. It’s filled with lovely suggestions to have more meaning and less clutter in our lives.

Wishing you a beautiful start to 2015. Bisous. x

image courtesy of into-mind