What I’m Reading

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Earlier today I spontaneously popped over to Tranquility du Jour Facebook Live to share a peek into what I’ve recently read and currently reading. You can watch it here or over on Facebook.

Remember TDJ TV days circa 2009-2011 when I shared a video every other week? Here’s a sampling to jog your memory: Tranquil Travel Tips, Latest Book Loves, 12 Minutes of Yoga, Bookshelf Browsing, My Short-Lived Boxing Career. Oh my, the hair, the video quality, the pure passion!

For one year I’ve had “make more videos” and “host tea with Kimberly video series” and “share more of what I’m reading” and “more Facebook Lives” on my ideas list. Somehow, after curling my hair for a video interview with Selina Rose (will share shortly), I thought “no time like the present” and hit record before dashing off to see clients.

My intention is to bring you more short videos like today’s. If you have specific topics you’d like covered, let me know in the comments below or via email. Thanks for watching! Now tell me, what are YOU reading?! Bisous. x