What to Expect in 2020

love notes
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I’m a list girl. I need to write everything down or my mind is in a constant swirl. It’s how I sort things out. You too? Between you and me, if I don’t have my water bottle, planner, journal, and pen with me at all times, I get a bit shaky.

For the past month I’ve been contemplating how best to serve the TDJ community this year. I’ve penned many ideas into a journal and wanted to give you a peek inside where I’ve landed.

So far I’m planning to . . . host four seasonal TDJ Lives (thanks to all who joined our New Year one—replay available here), a Provence retreat (psst, TWO rooms left)️, a sold-out Paris retreat, three Pigs & Pugs events, 26 podcasts, regular Love Notes, monthly Tea with Kimberly videos, a new six-week online course on the TDJ Tenets, and a few micro courses.

How does this sound/feel to you? Is there anything you’d like more or less of? Any topics you’d like covered in the micro courses or Tea with Kimberly videos?

Please share in the comments below. Or craft a note via email or snail mail (1555 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 2E, DC 20036)!

Wishing you an ongoing slow stroll into 2020. May it be intentional and coddle your energy. Bisous. x