Hello love! Each month I do a review of the month and also share my next month’s dreams. This reflection exercise allows me to stay accountable, review goals, celebrate, and note what needs adjustment. I duplicate this process in my Daybook, too, since I’m a paper lover! You’ll also find an assortment of photos from the month plus Savvy Sources I thought you may enjoy. Bisous. x


May in Review

Daily exercise classes [MOSTLY—25 ballet/barre/yoga/hip hop classes] Return to writing [IN PROGRESS] Finalize Welcome Series [YES!] Create masterclass [FINALIZING—WILL REVEAL AT TDJ LIVE] Read three books [YES—Do Less, How to Be Fine, Confessions of a Sociopath] TranquiliT efforts [YES!] Set up therapy software [DECIDED AGAINST] Design and send KWTherapy newsletter [STILL TO DO] Complete e-course [YES!] Declutter home [STARTED AND DONATED ONE BIG BOX] Big picture thinking [IN PROGRESS]

May Highlights

Hosted the May Virtual Retreat (thanks for supporting!)
Biked with Gizmo and Tim
Went on a virtual farm sanctuary tour through Airbnb experiences
Had video calls with friends
Received good news on a health issue
Adopted Monita from Redapes.org (Dad says she looks like me)
Picked up microgreens (shown above + flowers) during a farmers’ market jaunt
Enjoyed afternoon walks in the woods
Collaborated with clients
Savored pink peonies around DC
Started the Science of Well-being course through Coursera.org
Released four podcasts and two Tea with K videos
Sat around a campfire

June Dreams

Daily exercise class
Memoir writing
Finalize and set up TDJ welcome series
Host inspiring TDJ Brunch on June 6 and TDJ Live on June 21
Plan and share July offering
TranquiliT efforts
Design and release Therapy newsletter
Record four new Tea with K videos
Release five podcasts
Celebrate 47th birthday
Read three books

Savvy Sources

A Guide to Be an Ally
9 Books Every Woman Should Read
Donate to George Floyd Memorial Fund
Recipe: Creamy Vegan Spinach and Asparagus Risotto
10 Ways to Be Your Own Best Friend
Adopt Your Own Orangutan
Classes to Help You Survive the Shutdown and Become Well-Rounded
Free Online Learning from Paris
An Essential Reading Guide for Fighting Racism
Recipe: Vegan Acai Cherry Smoothie Bowl
Virtual Art Therapy with the MMFA