week in review

love notes
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 father’s day indulgence
 “retox” during train ride back from 7-day mindfulness training
 libation set-up for director’s retreat at the pink palace
 tranquil space director’s retreat in action
le pug harassing nephews for banana
week in review
taught 5 classes
took 4 classes
attended dinner and bikes event
tea with girlfriend
hosted a mentoring session
daylong director’s retreat
began reading the beauty detox solution and 10% happier
returned from 7-day mindfulness training
weekend in the woods at le beau’s cabin
made lots of travel arrangements
father’s day brunch
farmers’ market jaunt
writing class homework
social work interview
lunch + playtime with nephews and sister-in-law
lunch date with former amtrak colleagues
tea with teacher
penned thank yous
weekend wish list
host nephews for an evening out
choose summer online book club pick
host inspiring teacher retreat session
date night with le beau
savor yummy therapeutic yoga workshop
pack for paris
safe flight to paris
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list? 
 bisous. x