an afternoon stroll

love notes
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despite looming deadlines, le beau, le pug and moi took two hours off today to savor a spontaneous afternoon stroll. as we passed blooming trees and flowers, i snapped photos to share via instagram. during our stroll i mentioned to le beau how freeing it was to take time off on a weekend to do something so simple – pick up a veggie burrito, walk sir louis, sit in the sunshine to eat, and pick up sorbet en route home.

after 13 years of working around the clock to nurture my babies (businesses), i’m slowly starting to take moments to bask in life’s simple pleasures on a more regular basis. hopefully in time they will be guilt-free. le beau reminded me that some people actually have two days off (gasp!) where they focus on rejuvenation. hmmm, i was happy with my two hours of luxurious strolling and am excited to see what is to come as i prepare for some tranquil transitions.

it made me happy to see so many people on bikes, walking dogs, enjoying treats, reading on park benches, and savoring time outdoors. spring has almost sprung and i’m ready for what lies ahead. et toi?

if you, too, struggle from feeling stuck on a hamster wheel and long for less deadlines, time crunches, or to-dos, may i recommend a simple afternoon stroll to bask in sunshine? it’s sure to do your body and soul good! the to-dos will still be there. promise. oh, and a little grapefruit sorbet makes the experience even better. bisous. x

p.s. note the look of anticipation in sir louis’ eyes as he eagerly awaited his pink granola donut with sprinkles after the stroll (during which he was often carried).