tips for transition

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as TranquiliT transitions to its new home in kimberly’s pink palace, we wanted to share our tips for those of you going through a transition in your own life, be it a move or something else…

set a timeline: what is your goal for the completion date? what benchmarks do you want to set for yourself to keep you on track? for example, aug 15: finish packing the office / aug 17: confirm move date with movers / aug 24: have everything packed, etc.

organize: stock up on labels, colored pens, or whatever else you need to keep yourself organized. pack like with like – develop a system for separating all your goodies. take advantage of having to go through all your items, and set aside a pile for goodwill.

get support: what do you need help with? who has resources that can make your transition a little more tranquil? the friend with the truck and the gal with the amazing organization skills can be super important as your to-do list grows and grows.

finally, breathe. know that change is constant, and enjoy the process!