wednesday well-being: face oil

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image courtesy of school of natural skin care
As promised on Monday’s Seasonal Podcast, below is the story and recipe behind my encouragement to sprinkle your face with oil.
My 40th birthday gift to myself was a fancy face oil and I find the application process to be an act of kindness and compassion. Placing a few yellow drops from the glass pipette onto my fingers and gently massaging it into my skin is a daily action of self-care.
While in Paris this summer I spent a day cooking up all-natural beauty products with Amanda Cook of Vintage Amanda (interviewed on Tranquility du Jour Podcast #319). We made face oil, meditation oil, perfume, and a soothing balm. The scents permeated my rented Paris apartment with love.
Below is a picture of the yummy rose, sandalwood, and jasmine face oil concocted that day and the recipe:
10% rosehip oil
10% jajoba oil
20% sweet almond oil
60% sunflower oil
12 drops of rose, jasmine, and sandalwood essential oil
Ready to make your own? Here are a few Savvy Sources to enlighten the process:
Happy face oil making. Your skin will thank you. And glow. Bisous. x