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Life is frittered away by details. Simplify, simplify, simplify. – Thoreau
This morning we turned the Pink Palace into a studio to record the new Daybook video. The above picture shows the shoot set, while the bottom one shows the confetti-infused packet {stuffed with info on our online playshop} set up. Clearly, our tiny dining table is most versatile.
Here’s the video Le Beau produced highlighting the Daybook‘s third edition:

A Daybook-filled cart was dropped at the post office today and you’ll have them within a few days. Again, I can’t thank you enough for your support. I’m in love with this version of the Daybook and so appreciate all of your input over the past two years of production.
Now to plan 2015, or whichever date you choose to begin. After all, it’s the beauty of a dateless planner. Start anytime.
To make organizing your life through I’ve pulled together this simple how-to highlighting the 10 pieces of the weekly layout.
As we prepare for this brand new year, I’m contemplating the ideal schedule. Basically how to avoid wearing many hats throughout a day, so that I can focus on certain hats for longer stretches. Teacher hat. Therapist hat. Creative Director hat. Designer hat. Friend hat. Girlfriend hat. Pet mama hat. You get the idea. 
Interspersing more well-being throughout each day is an ongoing desire. Stretch breaks, yoga classes, gym jaunts, journal writing, tea with friends, and date nights are all critical pieces of weekly pie. In addition to the 24 Tranquility Tools, of course.
To me, well-being comes through savoring life’s simple pleasures and setting ourselves up for success. For example, choreographer Twyla Tharp has a morning ritual of going to the gym and sets her clothing out the night before. That way she rolls out of bed, into her gym clothes, and out the door.
I strive to set myself up for success by planning my week on Sunday night, noting my most important tasks {MITs}, and making any necessary adjustments to provide optimal tranquility.
As you look at your weekly schedule, notice where you feel light and where you feel heavy. Where is it spacious and where does it feel crunched? Consider making some shifts in your schedule to start 2015 with a sense of delight. 
Would dedicating one night a week to cocktails with friends, another to your love life, one to volunteering, and another to your health while leaving the remaining three evenings flexible set you up for success? Or maybe two yoga nights a week plus one date night with the rest of the evenings free? Find a comfortable balance between work, play and, of course, health.
What small micromovements beckon your attention? Ponder what is and isn’t working for you right now and adjust accordingly. Tiny shifts can make a big difference. 
Wishing you a schedule filled with deep breaths and well-being. Bisous. x