Daybook Bonuses + TDJ Live {Please Read}

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The Daybook made her debut at Sunday’s Soirée and comes as a PDF or in print on Amazon. I’ll be doing a video to introduce her shortly (once the Soirée dust settles). Stop by our Daybook Facebook group for inspiration.

Learn more about her HERE and grab your FOUR bonuses: a virtual launch party (6/28), a workshop (coming 6/30), a Spotify playlist, an assortment of PDFs.

PLEASE NOTE: If you input your email into the bonus sign up page in May or June 1-10, all the data was lost due to a tech glitch. Although you have your bonuses (yay!), we can’t send you an invite to the June 28 virtual launch party or let you know when the video workshop goes live unless you resubmit it HERE. I’m SO sorry for the inconvenience.

The same thing goes for Sunday, June 23’s TDJ Live. Ugh! If you’re hoping to join us for the FREE seasonal event happening next weekend, please resubmit your information HERE.

When Tim and I realized this yesterday, my heart sank. We contacted the app developers, no luck. Ah, the constant fluctuations of {technology} life and the best laid plans.

I am SO excited to host you for next Sunday’s TDJ Live and the following Friday’s Daybook Virtual Launch. We have LOTS of inspiration coming your way this month. Thanks for being here! Bisous. x

P.S. Since I get this question a lot, I wanted to clarify the difference between the two books featured above. Year of Tranquility: A Lifestyle Planner has no weekly layouts and 12 essays/4 weekly practices not found in the Daybook. It’s more of a lifestyle planner and you can search inside it on Amazon. The Daybook has 60 weekly layouts plus all the Year of Tranquility lifestyle pieces MINUS the 12 essays and associated weekly practices.