My 168 Hours

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Ever wonder where your time goes or how to get more of it? Feel like you spin your wheels and have little to show for it? Raise those hands, me, too!

Well, the good news is that we can get more clear by tracking it.

Here’s some interesting data: there are 168 hours in a week. If we subtract 50 work hours and 56 sleep hours, there are 62 hours leftover.

I always find those numbers surprising. Where ARE those 62 hours going?!

In Tranquility Salon, I chunked out my ideal schedule by family time, flex time, movement, creative space, AM/PM rituals (see above image). I noted that my ideal is quite similar to my current EXCEPT admin often takes place of my creativity and flex time. You know, those doctor’s appointments, vet appointments, never ending emails, grocery runs, transport maintenance for cars and bikes, and on and on.

For example, right now I’m sitting at the Jeep dealership to have a check engine light diagnosed. There are so many other things I’d rather be doing, but, alas, here I am with my laptop.

Although life often intervenes, I find it helpful to have a skeleton structure. That way I strive to intentionally incorporate activities that are important to me beyond work (hello family time, movement, and creative space).

Curious how your 168 hours look? You’ll find blank layouts in Year of Tranquility and the Tranquility du Jour Daybook.In case you need another copy, here’s a PDF for you to print.

Happy consciously creating your days. After all, as writer Annie Dillard reminds us, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. You know, no biggie! Bisous. x

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