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5 Tranquility-Infused Gift Ideas

It’s the time of the year where we search for that something special and useful to gift our loved ones. Below is an assortment of inspiring tranquility-infused gift ideas ranging from $1.99 to $50.

Over the years I’ve created a few tools or treats I was seeking and my hope is that these creations of love help spread tranquilosophy in a meaningful way. And the best part, your purchase helps support small businesses and a portion of all proceeds benefits Pigs & Pugs Project.

  1. Tranquility Tea. This beautiful and fragrant blend of green tea, rosebuds, chamomile, lavender, and vanilla essence complements mindful moments. $12. Only 10 left and it’s our last run of this blend for now. Shop tea.

2.Tranquillité parfumis bursting with notes of gardenia, jasmine, sweet musk, rose, and sandalwood and was handcrafted in a Parisian apartment. Comes in parfum oil and eau de toilette. $38-$58. Shop parfum.

3. Tranquility du Jour app. Get instant access to all Tranquility du Jour podcast interviews—learn ways to give back, create art, love animals, eat well, practice yoga and mindfulness, live with style, make meaning, and more. Available on your iOS or Android mobile device. $1.99. Shop app.

4. Pigs & Pugs Project. Contribute a tax deductible donation of $50 or more to help pig sanctuaries and pug rescues in need and we’ll send you (or your gift recipient) a darling Pigs & Pugs reusable tote. $50+. Donate.

5. Books. A collection of writings from the past 12 years available in an assortment of PDFs, Kindle, and hold-in-your-hand physical form. Tranquilista is also available in Chinese, Russian, Bulgarian, and Dutch! $19-$28. Shop books.

Tranquil Treasures

We are treasure chests with more jewels inside than we can imagine.—Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

Did you know that there’s a private collection of tranquility tools over on my website?

Each tool—from mp3s, to yoga practices, to guided meditations, to downloadable manifestos and toolkits—is chosen to assist you on your journey.

You’ll find new inspiration stockpiled in this treasure trove from time to time. Soon you’ll see a “style” heading with tips on mixing and matching using my “uniform” (TranquiliT 2in1 fitted top and capri leggings) as an example, along with a yoga video, and self-care checklist.

If there’s something you’d like to see added, please let me know. Thanks for your reading and listening!

To access the treasures, sign up for my Love Notes sent every few weeks. Bisous. x

Post-Election Savvy Sources



Tuesday night broke many hearts in this area— DC, Maryland, Virginia. Yesterday I sat with clients in various stages of grief, rage, despair, and shock.

If you, or someone you know, are struggling, here are a few resources:

If You’re Overwhelmed By The Election, Here’s What You Can Do Now

Elizabeth Gilbert asks “Who do I want to be in this situation?” 

After the Election How Do We Move Forward?

How to Talk to Your Kids About Trump’s Win

5 Ways to Reduce Post-Election Day Anxiety

5 Tips for Coping with Post-Election Shock and Panic

Living With Change, Post-Election Now is Not the Time To Gloat or Despise Others

Three Ways to Lower Post Election Anxiety

Pain, Anger, Sadness, Fear and Hope

18 Compassionate Poems To Help You Weather Uncertain Times

Coping with The Pain and Uncertainty Around Us

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s Letter to His Daughter

My 2004 Post-Election Blog Post

Practice self-care. Feel your feelings. Write an op ed, a letter, or in your journal—get these feelings onto paper. Support causes you believe in. Connect with others. Donate. Volunteer. Spread kindness. Eat dark chocolate. Celebrate successes.

Wishing you moments of ease as we move forward. You are loved and your voice matters. Bisous. x