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In Two Weeks . . .

After months of planning, I can’t believe in two weeks we’ll be together celebrating, dreaming, and learning at TDJ Soirée.

Curating the goody bags is always one of my favorite parts of hosting an event. I contemplate what would bring joy, a dash of luxury, and be useful to our guests.

Here’s a peek inside the luxe goody bags: rose quartz, face mask, handmade rose tea light, gold metal straw, gold pen, journal, parfum oil, handmade leopard-print bath bomb, and a card by artist Mary Catherine Starr.

Not shown CBD-infused skincare samples, Tranquility du Jour Daybook PDF, TranquiliT scarf, and a few more surprises—all tucked inside a reusable handmade velvet bag!

We have three tickets left and would love to have you with us. Here’s a taste of the sensory-filled experienceBisous. x

In two months . . .

After arriving to downtown Washington, DC  via plane, train, Lyft, bike, car, or on foot on a quiet Sunday morning, picture yourself walking into Elizabeth’s (named #6 best vegan-friendly dining around the world), an exquisitely-furnished townhouse built in 1880 filled with chandeliers, flowers, and love. You’re warmly welcomed and given a goody bag filled with luxe treats.

Feeling excited about the day, you head upstairs to grab your spot and set down your personal items at the white tablecloth seating. Spotting the early morning nourishment, you savor green juice and a vegan almond ricotta beignet with ginger-orange marmalade while mingling with like-hearted guests before our programming begins.

The TranquiliT pop-up will be open to add any necessary locally-sewn, eco-friendly staples to your wardrobe. Our local seamstress will be available for tailoring while long-time TranquiliT aficionados will help you choose pieces that fit your lifestyle.

I’ll kick off the day at 10:30am with intention setting, a recap of the agenda, and the story about why I created this first daylong experience in over a decade. Then we’ll journal, explore our dreams, engage in a meditation, learn ways to deepen self-care, shed limiting self-beliefs, and contemplate what brings us meaning before lunch.

This high-rated resto is known for its tasty and artsy vegan food (even among non-vegans). Imagine noshing on roasted garlic gnocchi with vodka flamed cherry tomatoes, cold smoked spring asparagus confit with toasted pecans, cold pressed heirloom beets with pistachios, spicy kale chips, and more! You’ll feel satiated, light, and energized.

And, yes, of course, there’s dessert: strawberry and beet sorbet with fennel foam.

Following lunch, we’ll return to inspiring programming that includes everyday activism, art journaling, incorporating creativity into daily life, and showcasing your signature style. The style portion will even include a mini fashion show to bring the concepts to life.

Before we launch into happy hour, Tim and I will record a live podcast with you as the studio audience. We did these during each stop of the 2013 Tranquility Tour and it’s a lively way to wrap up our day.

The event will culminate with small bites such as beet tartare, smoked parsnip soup sip, tomato sashimi, and organic red and white wine. Feeling refreshed with an action plan, happy belly, and open heart, you’ll hug me and newfound friends goodbye before heading to the airport or walking home.

This immersive day will provide a gentle mid-year nudge of support and inspiration to create and live a life you love. Filled with new material and oldie but goodie staples, this is the first full-day Tranquility du Jour experience I’ve offered.

We’ve sold through half the tickets and it wouldn’t be the same without you. Learn more and secure your spot here. I can’t wait to celebrate our community and YOU in two months! Bisous. x


I grew up hiking the hills of Oklahoma and stashing small quartz rocks into my pockets. Strewn about the house, these chunky clear stones served as souvenirs from our family outings.

While exploring spirituality in my early adult years, I learned that some believe crystals to hold energy and power. You’ll often find these rocks in new age stores, yoga studios, bookstores, museums and more.

Rose quartz is associated with love, so I’ve had the chunky pink rock (on the left in above photo) in my bedroom for years. I recently decided to take it into my office to add more texture to the space. She seemed lonely, so while in Colorado I had my eye on picking up an amethyst and clear quartz (shown above).

Not sure why I thought those two would be the right addition (besides the obvious calming color coordination), so I googled their properties in the gem store. Both felt like the perfect pairing with rose quartz. Amethyst is associated with reducing stress and anxiety while clear quartz appears to be the be-all-end-all crystal.

I’ve set them out on a mirrored table in front of clients along with flowers and other comforting touches.

While I haven’t experienced the healing powers associated with crystals, I thought incorporating them into a therapeutic setting would be a nice touch. Why? They’re pretty, offer a tactile experience, and, if they do offer even a smidgen  of the promised perks, I figured we could all benefit from having them around.

Curious about crystals? I found these these online guides by Energy Muse and by Gabby Bernstein that you may enjoy.

I also incorporate aromatherapy, fluffy pillows and throws, table lamps, tea, and other touches to make the environment as therapeutic as possible. [Disclaimer: While I don’t believe any of these are substitutes for therapy, I believe they do enhance the setting.]

Do you have a go-to crystal or healing touch that you’ve incorporated in your home or office? Do tell! Bisous. x