Tranquility du Jour #605: New Hip Tranquil Chicks

Tranquility du Jour #605: New Hip Tranquil Chicks
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In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, I chat with Denise-Marie Nieman about getting a new hip just a few months apart.

We share signs that something was amiss, what we tried before a full replacement, what caused the hip breakdown, recovery challenges, and more.

This show answers many questions I’ve received over the past year in a conversational tone with a fellow new hipper!

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Our Guest: Denise-Marie Nieman

Denise-Marie Nieman recently retired from the Palm Beach County Attorney’s Office after 35 years of service, 25 of which were spent as the County Attorney. While she’s pondering what’s next, Denise-Marie enjoys writing about living with joie de vivre and faith, supporting various cultural and charitable organizations, traveling to Paris, and discovering what more than four hours a night of sleep feels like (very good, by the way!).

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