Tranquility du Jour #551: The Qi Tea

Tranquility du Jour #551: The Qi Tea
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In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, I chat with Lisa Li about her beautiful tea brand, The Qi. Learn how to brew the perfect cup of tea, the benefits of drinking flowers, how to make a rose latte, and more!

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Lisa Li started The Qi on a mission to help people feel more joy, beauty, and inner calm on a daily basis through the power of sensory whole flower tea rituals. Prior to launching The Qi Lisa worked in the fast-paced fashion industry for 10+ years and was feeling extremely burnt out. Inspired by her childhood’s simple, beautiful, and nourishing tea time with her grandma while growing up in Asia she hopes The Qi can help busy bodies feel more sense of balance, serenity, and healing.

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5 steps to make the perfect tea
Make and use rosewater
Rose latte recipe
Honey rose latte recipe

Floral face steam
Use this link to shop Qi and save 15%*
Tea with Kimberly Packing Video
TDJ Style Sneak Peek

*I like The Qi so much I agreed to be an affiliate. I hope you, too, will fall in love with their whole flower teas. And they make great gifts for your fellow tea lovers.
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