january online book club choice

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i’ve passed this book multiple times while waiting to be seated at kramer’s in dupont circle. the cover evokes tranquility and beckons me every time i see it. a few copies sit atop a table by the host stand and i always pick it up, tell myself i don’t need another book, and put it down. this has happened for at least two years. until now.
over the hollydaze i purchased it on my kindle and look forward to diving into the power of kindness: the unexpected benefits of leading a compassionate life by piero ferrucci. the author is a transpersonal psychologist which is my theory of interest and the foreward is by the dalai lama. um, hello! it seemed like a great fit for the launch of a new year and a fresh slate. here’s a write up from daily om and ode magazine, along with an interview that you may enjoy.
a reminder, to partake in tranquility du jour’s online book club, simply click the book cover image on the far right of the blog during the month the book is chosen. would love to hear your thoughts on the book’s chosen! merci beaucoup to those of you who penned your thoughts on december’s choice, start something that matters
please join me in striving to lead a compassionate life this year. bisous. x