i’m so excited and i just can’t hide it . . . + artistic giveaway

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to conclude my week, i wanted to share a few things that i’m currently excited about PLUS offer you a chance to indulge in a much-deserved artist date. here are my happy thoughts in no particular order:

1. sex and the city 2 hits theatres may 27. OMG. seriously, so excited. will be there opening night with bells on. ok, maybe not bells. a flower pin and sparkles, for sure!

2. i’m now moving around and my “exercise” is pendulum swings. wanna see the surgery? ewww.

3. i’m 1/2 done with paper 1 due monday. only 1 1/2 to go!

4. tomorrow night a friend is coming over to help me declutter chez moi. will take before and after pics for spring cleaning inspiration.

5. this semester is over in 4 weeks. woo-hoo. alas, then i start summer school the following week.

6. TranquiliT is nominated as a “rising star” in an upcoming eco-chic award event at the corcoran gallery. hmmmm, wonder what i should wear? *and* bloomies wants to feature a few pieces in their earth day window display.

7. i accepted an internship at n street village and will be working in their education and employment center 16 hours/week september-may 2011 for my first MSW internship. great organization!

8. i have tickets to go see the georgia o’keefe exhibit at the phillips collection. GIVEAWAY: want a ticket? leave a coment below and *two local ladies* will be randomly chosen and given a chance to indulge in an artist date.

what are you excited about at the moment?

wishing you a tranquil, artistic, playful weekend sans school papers!