TDJ Live Gratitude + Replay

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Thank you for joining last night’s TDJ Live!

I SO appreciate you tuning in from Japan, Canada, Australia, and across the US to reflect, set intentions, and consider small shifts to welcome summer, the new moon, and the eclipse. So much magic! As always, it’s an honor to host you.

If you missed us live or want to rewatch the gathering, the 65-minute video recording is available HERE. The live segment is free and the replay is $10 to support pigs and pugs in need through Pigs & Pugs Project.

During the hour we: reflected, contemplated our summer wish list, explored ways to be gentle with ourselves (hello low energy and focus), took on the challenge to create 10 minutes each day, considered our emotional wellness and ways to shift out of a negative spiral, learned ways to get grounded, and more!

Spend a half-day reviewing your year and designing what remains. Despite the many unknowns of 2020, we’ll turn our attention to what we can control with an eye on personal growth, healthy habits, and coping skills. Create an action plan and make a difference! Sign up here.

These gorgeous images were spotted online with #TDJLive, thank you for posting your creativity! During the event I announced a giveaway and the winners were chosen randomly: Marjorie D., Rebecca R. and Ludid R. Congrats!

Our next TDJ Live is Sunday, September 20 at 8pm ET.

May you find nourishment, ease, and tranquility this summer. And beyond. You are a gift. Bisous. x