Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. —Søren Kierkegaard

Oh 2020, you brought us to our knees! Despite the challenges, I somehow managed to infuse a few cozy moments into the chaos (and a smattering of adventures pre-COVID). Below is a list of my year’s experiences in no particular order, a brief reflection, and resources to support us with moving forward.

Consider your own 2020 list and look for patterns, wins, challenges, and those sweet moments in between. Although this year took a major toll on our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial well-being, you may just surprise yourself when you compile your own list!


Took 190 ballet classes
Took 78 yoga classes
Took 20 barre classes
Took 6 hip hop classes
Hosted three virtual retreats (next one 1/1)
Hosted four TDJ Lives (next one 1/10)
Hosted six TDJ Pop-Ups
Released 20 videos (16 Tea with Kimberly)
Released 44 podcasts
Had to cancel Paris and Provence retreats (sigh)
Sent 50 Love Notes (sign up here)
Drank 1000 cups of tea (estimated)
Got a hip MRI
Adopted a few orangutans through Orangutan Outreach
Spent many evenings fireside
Hosted a private Planning Pop-Up event
Transitioned to virtual therapy
Updated Treasures (more to come)
Celebrated 16 years of togetherness with my partner Tim
Moved out of office space due to COVID
Sponsored a turkey through Farm Sanctuary
Collaborated with clients during hundreds of therapy sessions
Savored 25(ish) socially distanced tea dates
Shifted TranquiliT clothing line to TDJ
Co-hosted a tea party in Oklahoma pre-pandemic
Multiple trips to the vet for our four rescue pets
Created and released one new e-course
Worked on memoir
January jaunt to Asheville
Saw two ballets at The Kennedy Center
Volunteered with the Women’s March
Spent a week in Cape Charles, VA
Enjoyed a snowy weekend in the Poconos
Four art museum jaunts
Co-hosted the live 500th TDJ Podcast Soiree
Wrapped myself in a pink weighted blanket (thank you, Santa)
Spent many weeks in the woods of WV
Two TDJ photo shoots
Attended two George Floyd protests
Two clothing line photo shoots
Took the veterinary social work oath
Hired an online business manager
Started our online book club
Donated $6,000 through TDJ offerings: flash sale of former ecourses raised $2,000 for the koalas, $500 to National Women’s Law Center, $3,000 to Pigs & Pugs Project, $500 to Higher Heights for America, $750 to Meals on Wheels
Planted 1000 trees through Trees for the Future
Enjoyed a virtual live jazz birthday party
Joined a 2021 mastermind
Saw Garth at his drive-in concert tour
Attended the October Women’s March
Transitioned my weekly Love Notes to Flodesk (it’s so pretty!)
Multiple peony bouquets
Lost a dear family friend
Bought many candles and books
Voted and celebrated
Attended many professional development programs
Started weekly private ballet sessions
Mookie was named Dog of the Month at a winery
Mookie was named Pet of the Week at daycare
Enjoyed a few virtual farm sanctuary tours
Completed my Goodreads reading challenge
Hosted a New Year’s Day Salon
Experienced awe at a holiday tour of Hillwood Estate
Found out I need a hip replacement
Met with a nutritionist (more salads, less pizza)
Watched this video of The Nutcracker on Christmas Eve
Penned Months in Review


To compile this list, I thumbed through my Daybook, dug into online systems for data, and reviewed blog posts. My favorite part of this “research” was tallying up my movement classes. Yay ballet!

In a recent blog post, I shared my typical day and although the past 9+ months have felt like groundhog day, it’s helpful to recall the varied adventures and many sweet moments sprinkled in.

Upon review of my 2020 year’s dreams, I see that I accomplished 70(ish)% of them. The pending ones are more strategic (ex. increase Pigs & Pugs Project awareness), learning projects (ex. doing the many online courses I sign up for), and that darn memoir proposal (ex. the work continues).

As I look to 2021, I see a few priorities: memoir, content creation for YOU (especially Annual Passholders), professional development, relationships, health. Once I’ve clarified and penned my dreams, I’ll be sure to share! Bisous. x

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