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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. —Maya Angelou

As I chanted George Floyd’s name in front of the White House tonight, everything hurt. Especially my heart. Inside I feel a blend of deep sadness coupled with outrage.

I’m using this time to listen, read, and stand in solidarity. I have so much to learn and am eager to take on the role of an ally. Will you join me?

Below are a few resources to help us grow.

A Running List of Anti-Racism Resources
How to Be Better Allies
An Essential Guide to Fighting Racism
How to Check Your Privilege
A Guide to Be an Ally
Race History Lesson
How to Be a Good White Ally
A History of Race and Racism in America
Why You Should Stop Saying All Lives Matter
Tranquility du Jour podcasts #451 and #491
Becoming documentary trailer
Spirit Balm playlist (created by Alex Franzen)
We’re Reading White Fragility Over on the TDJ Insider’s Facebook Group, Join us!

Together we can make a difference. It starts from within. Please join me in listening, loving, and growing. Bisous. x

PS To stay focused on what’s most important right now, I’m postponing Saturday’s TDJ Virtual Brunch

Illustration by Chelsea Hughes