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Video + Gratitude

After a full day of seeing clients, I arrived home late Wednesday night to my copies of Year of Tranquility and it felt so yummy to hold it in my hands. It’s a great size to work in (8×10) and my designer did an amazing job bringing it to life.

Here’s one email comment I received that made me smile:

I just got my copy of Year of Tranquility in the mail! WOW – it is really beautiful. It is even more packed with ideas than I realized it would be — and all presented so well — between your writing and your graphic designer’s talents — well, obviously I am blown away!

To give you a peek inside and share the book’s story, I recorded this video. I’ll also be releasing a private podcast for Tranquility du Jour app subscribers where I share more about the process. Stay tuned!

A BIG thanks to everyone who helped make this book happen: Tim Mooney (helpful input and was okay with me working through the holidays), Christy Jenkins (designer extraordinaire), Carol Meyers (creative input and eagle eyes), AMAZING beta readers (you were invaluable), early reviewers (Flora Bowley, Gail McMeekin, Beth M. Howard, Sharon Gannon, Jamie Cat Callan, Christine Mason Miller), 2018 YOT participants, and YOU. It takes a village!

Once you get your copy from Amazon, head over HERE to grab your three bonus treats.

Please share your book photos online using #yearoftranquility and if you have a moment to pen a review on Amazon, I’d so appreciate it. I’m SO grateful for YOUR support! Bisous. x

Tranquility in the Tropics + Tuscany

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page
.—Saint Augustine

Picture yourself waking up in one of these tranquil settings: tropical and lush surrounded by coffee plantations or Mediterranean surrounded by olive groves and vineyards.

This year I’m hosting two international, week-long escapes to Costa Rica and Italy and, of course, you’re invited.

Both adventures include daily mindfulness, yoga, and creativity practices for all levels coupled with delicious vegetarian local cuisine, a tranquility-filled goody bag, and optional excursions and spa treatments.

A day jaunt to Cinque Terra is included in our Italy retreat. Lonely Planet describes it, “Set amid some of the most dramatic coastal scenery on the planet, these five ingeniously constructed fishing villages can bolster the most jaded of spirits.”

Imagine hitting the pause button on daily life to reinvigorate yourself spiritually, emotionally, and creatively. That’s what these experiences provide. For nearly two decades I’ve been offering retreats that serve as balm for the soul.

Here’s what one yearly participant, Hilary, had to say about her experience:

You can find many yoga retreats to Costa Rica, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as special as Kimberly’s.  I have been three years in a row and would go again in a heartbeat. As the name suggests, this retreat is a unique blend of yoga, mindfulness, and creativity. It’s a perfect retreat to go to on your own. Kimberly creates a warm, friendly, and inviting space and then let’s you take what you need and leave the rest. It’s an ideal combination of group time, personal time, and do-whatever-you-feel-like time at a beautiful eco-chic resort with yummy food, a welcoming staff, and heavenly pool. It’s a mix of lovely ingredients that make for a magical week. And the secret sauce is Kimberly, herself. She puts an incredible amount of thought into every aspect of the program—from the extra suitcase of art journaling supplies she brings, to the essential oils she dots on your wrist during savasana, and the goodie bags she creates for each yogi.  Treat yourself to the experience, and you won’t be disappointed.

For photos and more about Costa Rica, click here. For photos and more about Italy, click here.

If you’re looking for an intentional reset, the opportunity to deepen your connection to mindfulness, yoga, or creativity, or interested in exploring a colorful country with a group, I hope you’ll join us!

Have questions? Reach out and I’d be happy to answer them for you. Bisous. x

Where’s Year of Tranquility? {+ Daybook}

You know what they say about the best-laid plans, right?

Well, Wednesday night as my designer was uploading the final draft, she got an error message and called support. They informed her that an 8×10 had been chosen as the size (I did as much backend setup as I could) and she was uploading an 8.5×11.

When she told me, I replied, “Yes, the book is supposed to be 8×10.” Oops, that meant a new layout to fix the size.

After she spent all day Thursday redesigning to fit the 8×10 format, we went back and forth for four hours finalizing the final, final draft. She uploaded it shortly before 2AM. My heart raced and we sent each out celebratory emojis before crawling into bed.

Friday morning I woke up at 7:30AM and checked Amazon. Nothing yet! My Mom got so excited that she bought  52 Weeks of Tranquility on Amazon. I reminded her that was my 2015 book and she already had it. Sweet thing!

I continued to hit refresh on Amazon all day and then late last night I received an email that there were a couple minor issues that had to be fixed. My designer’s working on them now and opened up Pandora’s box when she texted, “If you want to read through one more time for typos, there’s now time.”

My name is Kimberly and I love to edit, tweak, adjust, and edit some more. Thank goodness my designer is incredibly patient.

So, we’re working on the final, final, final draft of the 230-page Year of Tranquility delight right now and then we both get our lives back. At least for a few days.

There’s another project coming down the pike: Tranquility du Jour Daybook.

On Sunday’s TDJ Live, many of you mentioned how important it had been to you and how you were missing it. It got me thinking. Since Year of Tranquility is a BIG picture lifestyle planner (not day-to-day) and I can update the last Daybook version to match our current look, why not create one and offer it on Amazon for you?

Amazon doesn’t offer a spiral-bound option, but for those who love spiral, it’s easy peasy to take any book to Kinkos or a similar store and have the perfect binding chopped off and a spiral inserted. Voilà!

We’ll redesign an evergreen, dateless Tranquility du Jour Daybook with all your favorites including weekly layouts. While I know everyone has their 2019 planners, these won’t sell out (like the limited runs done with former versions over the years), can be started at anytime, and help us infuse our days with tranquility. Plus it’s pretty and pink!

Okay, back to my designer to truly tie a bow around Year of Tranquility. As always, I promise to keep you posted and thank you SO much for your enthusiasm and support! Bisous. x